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Airline Stats

    Schedules: 1929
    Total Flights: 13313
    Aircraft in Fleet: 90
    Total Pax Carried: 1473662
    Total Hours Flown: 38109
    Total Flights Today: 8
    Average landing rate -253fpm
    Pilot Applications Pending: 0
    Total Active Flying Pilots: 102
    Total Pilots On Leave: 6



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Welcome to Thomsonvirtual, we are a group of flight enthusiasts who love everything to do with flight and simulation,
we have our own custom flight tracking system "Blue Sky" and support users of all versions of Microsoft's ever popular flight simulators as well as the up and coming users of X-Plane for MAC, Windows, Linux or Ubuntu, we also support XACARS and FS Passengers flight reporting systems.

To kick start your virtual career in a relaxed friendly environment join today......

Current Live Flights

Status Departing Arriving Aircraft Eta Network
TOM4KV London Gatwick Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport B738 0:17
TOM282 Belfast International Sharm El Sheikh International B738 0:18

TOM19D Ibiza London Luton B738 00:00

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Recent Flights Flown
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Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Aircraft Status
TOM62H LGIR EGFF 04.20.12 TOM2735 -105 fpm B738 Accepted
TOM1GK EGCC LCLK 04.39.47 TOM2653 -171 fpm B763 Accepted
TOM50M LDDU EGKK 02.45.00 TOM2546 -305 fpm B752 Accepted
TOMFR1 EGKK LYTV 02.55.49 TOM0118 -210 fpm B738 Accepted
TOM820Z EGCC EICK 01.28.45 TOM2776 -103 fpm B738 Accepted
TOM1HK EGKK LDDU 02.54.24 TOM2827 -827 fpm B738 Accepted
TOM1HK EGKK LDDU 02.42.20 TOM2546 -357 fpm B752 Accepted
TOM5KH EGKK LEIB 02.13.14 TOM2474 -94 fpm B738 Accepted
TOM1092Z EGKK EGCC 00.57.56 TOM1092 -131 fpm B738 Accepted
TOM283 HESH EGAA 06.01.15 TOM2851 -62 fpm B738 Accepted

Latest News

July's Featured Route

Posted by Lee Grant on 12/07/2014

Search EGKK-LYTV in Schedules

Any Long Haul or Atlantic Crossing
Whether you like to go from Gatwick, Heathrow to Boston, New York or even down to Dubai the world’s your oyster. So dust off your PMDG 747 or ya Wilco Airbus and go fly!


One restriction no over night flights

Group Flight - Friday 11/07/14

Posted by Andy Keeney on 12/07/2014


Group flight will be taking place on the morning of Friday 11th July. Departing Gatwick and heading down to our feature route airport of Tivat (LYTV). All you have to do is book your flight on the schedule and turn up. 

See you there!